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We treat a wide variety of patients, including but not limited to, the following; Sports & Orthopedic Injuries Work Related Injuries Pregnancy & Post Partum Care Pediatrics & Developmental Disabilities Back & Neck Pain Pre-Op & Post Surgical Treatment Accident Related Injuries Preventative Programs & Conditioning Geriatric related Injuries & Disabilities Balance and Fall Prevention
Montgomery County Rehab & Sports Therapy, PC


We   are   a   physical   therapist   owned   and   operated   practice,   specializing   in   providing the   highest   level   of   accessible,   professional   care   in   the   Montgomery   County   area since 1987. We   are   a   Medicare   Certified   Rehabilitation   Agency   and   in   network   provider   for   most major medical insurance groups. View a list of some of our accepted insurances.

More About Our Philosophy

A    physical    therapist    is    a    key    member    of    the    healthcare    team,    we    are    highly educated,   skilled   professionals   who   are   trained   to   help   improve   movement,   relieve pain,   and   expand   movement   function.   Patients   often   have   questions   about   their conditions   as   well   as   treatment.   We   always   make   time   for   questions   and   explain the   reasons   for   your   condition.   We   also   let   our   patients   know   what   they   can   expect from   their   rehabilitation.   Our   therapists   communicate   regularly   with   your   physician so   that   they   can   make   informed   decisions   regarding   the   effective   management   of your care.

Who We Are

We   are   state   licensed   physical   therapists   with   more   than   80   years   of   combined experience.    We    offer    a    wide    range    of    specialized    therapy    skills    and    hands-on treatment.   Our   expertise   allows   us   to   treat   a   wide   variety   of   patients.   Learn   what   to expect on your visit and see our hours. “Back” by Popular Demand! Join us on March 14th for our back pain seminar Learn   To   Manage   Low   Back   Pain   &   Sciatica   Without   Medication,   Injection,   or Surgery  Register today as space is limited!
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