WHY SHOULD I TRY PHYSICAL THERAPY FIRST? There is more to physical therapy than you may know. If you have never utilized physical therapy, the next time you experience any type musculoskeletal pain or injury, you may want to try physical therapy first. Physical therapy treatments are conservative, non surgical and non-medicated form of health care. Studies show that the faster you get physical therapy treatments after the onset of pain, the faster you will recover. Montgomery County Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy is a “Direct Access Facility”. This means that you DO NOT need a prescription from your doctor to be treated by our physical therapist. So, if you get injured, you can begin treatment in most cases, within 24-48 hours! Here are some reasons to utilize physical therapy first: 1.      Can be performed immediately 2.            Conservative care 3.            Non-invasive approach 4.            Can avoid unnecessary surgery 5.            Interfaces well with traditional medicine 6.            Prevent injury & re-injury 7.            We are experts in functional mobility 8.            Improve function & well being 9.            Saves money
Physical Therapy May Be The Answer
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